onsdag 16. mars 2011

Hand made Gas Cap / Silver dollar

I made a one of a kind gas cap with a silver dollar on top for a guy in Brunei, Asia. Mr. Yazid sent his Indian Larry gas tank to Marius Mellebye (276) to be pinstriped and gold leafed, and asked if he knew about any old skool gas cap that would fit his tank, and he called me, so I made one. Mr. Yazid was thrilled when he saw the result. The three images is from start to finish, and the forth is just to check how it would look like on a gas tank.

tirsdag 8. mars 2011

El Presidente front brakes..

Added new front brakes on the El Presidente bike..

mandag 7. mars 2011

Custom Road King exhaust..

Made two one of a kind end pieces for the exhaust on a Harley-Davidson Road King.

tirsdag 1. mars 2011

Crew Party

We recently arranged our annual "Crew Party" at Høyangbjørn MC.. People showed up from all over Norway. Two of our friends is checking out my latest builds..

On the picture at the top: Custom builder Geir Olav from CBP is checking out a CBB built bike and learn how a real bike should be built..

On the picture at the bottom: Rock arround the clock Gert, from Lowbrows MC is checking out one of my latest projects.