fredag 24. juni 2011

Bjørn Robert Nesse 22.03.1967 - 22.06.2011

Our good friend Bjørn Robert Nesse aka Bønna was tragically killed in a meaningless motorcycle vs car accident, Wednesday 22nd. of June 2011 in the Høyanger tunnel close to his home. Those of us which was lucky enough to know and meet Bønna knows what a awesome custom motorcycle builder he was with a lot of unique ideas, but first of all and most important, what a great personality and good friend he was. We had so many plans and so much undone, so it is with great sadness this blog will be updated one last time. I have decided to leave it open for now so others can see and admire his awesome craftsmanship and skills. I think he would like that.

Our compassion and thoughts goes to his close family, brothers and friends.

You left us way to early, but wherever you are you will never be forgotten! R.I.P.

torsdag 19. mai 2011

The Andor gas tank..

Started on the Andor gas tank with silver leaf..

søndag 10. april 2011

lørdag 2. april 2011

onsdag 16. mars 2011

Hand made Gas Cap / Silver dollar

I made a one of a kind gas cap with a silver dollar on top for a guy in Brunei, Asia. Mr. Yazid sent his Indian Larry gas tank to Marius Mellebye (276) to be pinstriped and gold leafed, and asked if he knew about any old skool gas cap that would fit his tank, and he called me, so I made one. Mr. Yazid was thrilled when he saw the result. The three images is from start to finish, and the forth is just to check how it would look like on a gas tank.

tirsdag 8. mars 2011

El Presidente front brakes..

Added new front brakes on the El Presidente bike..

mandag 7. mars 2011

Custom Road King exhaust..

Made two one of a kind end pieces for the exhaust on a Harley-Davidson Road King.

tirsdag 1. mars 2011

Crew Party

We recently arranged our annual "Crew Party" at Høyangbjørn MC.. People showed up from all over Norway. Two of our friends is checking out my latest builds..

On the picture at the top: Custom builder Geir Olav from CBP is checking out a CBB built bike and learn how a real bike should be built..

On the picture at the bottom: Rock arround the clock Gert, from Lowbrows MC is checking out one of my latest projects.

torsdag 17. februar 2011

El Presidente - Handlebars & Exhaust

Added some new handlebars from Roland Sands Design and mounted a new exhaust as well..

mandag 31. januar 2011

The PinBall bike.. update!

Just testing out some hand made effects on the gas tank on The PinBall Bike.. it´s one of a kind!

Andor Bike - Hand made luggage rack

I just made a new luggage rack for the Andor batman-bagger..

lørdag 29. januar 2011

The Red Baron - Belt Cover & Exhaust..

Added some details on the red baron bike..

lørdag 15. januar 2011

The Last Supper - Finished Wall Painting

The Last Supper wall painting by Micah is now finished at our club house..

torsdag 13. januar 2011

The Last Supper - Wall Painting

We have got some new extra space at our club house and Micah is painting a little special version of "the last supper"