tirsdag 16. februar 2010

Stretching "El Presidente"

Started the progress of stretching the "El Presidente" gas tank..

lørdag 13. februar 2010

"El Presidente" Update..

A little update.. built in a speedometer in the steering and some springer details..

onsdag 10. februar 2010

Hardcore Cycles

We had an inspiration trip to Germany this summer.. Checking out some build from Hardcore Cycles.

`62 Sporty Cafe Racer

My `62 Sporty Cafe Racer Build..

Riding the Marshal..

Once in a while I have to get out of the shop and feel the fresh air..


In progress to become "gråtass"

Another one of my bobber projects..

Knut´s blue bike..

This one I built for a fellow club member..

tirsdag 9. februar 2010

The Lean Mean Machine

Another chopper I built for a friend.. The Lean Mean Machine..

The Munk Chopper

The Munk´s new baby didn´t pass the test, so something drastic had to be done..

...and after a while it all became worth it..

An awarded chopper I built for a friend.. The Munk

My Flake Flames Chopper

My "Old Lady"

My 1927 "Old Lady" fat tire Bobber..