fredag 24. juni 2011

Bjørn Robert Nesse 22.03.1967 - 22.06.2011

Our good friend Bjørn Robert Nesse aka Bønna was tragically killed in a meaningless motorcycle vs car accident, Wednesday 22nd. of June 2011 in the Høyanger tunnel close to his home. Those of us which was lucky enough to know and meet Bønna knows what a awesome custom motorcycle builder he was with a lot of unique ideas, but first of all and most important, what a great personality and good friend he was. We had so many plans and so much undone, so it is with great sadness this blog will be updated one last time. I have decided to leave it open for now so others can see and admire his awesome craftsmanship and skills. I think he would like that.

Our compassion and thoughts goes to his close family, brothers and friends.

You left us way to early, but wherever you are you will never be forgotten! R.I.P.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Rest in peace Bønna. Kondolerer til familie og venner.

  2. Hvil i fred Bønna <3
    Savne deg <3<3<3

  3. R.I.P Bønna.
    Du kommer til å bli sårt savna.

  4. R.I.P <3<3<3 Tenker på deg hele tiden, dette e en veldig trist dag <3

  5. Du ligger fremst i tankene mine <3
    Du var en fantastisk mann <3
    Vi sees igjen....